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Interview with author Jenny Hale

Christmas is a perfect time to binge-read warm, festive novels about love, friendship and family. I’ve recently finished All I Want for Christmas by US best-selling author Jenny Hale. After posting my review (click here), a new idea popped into my mind: Why wouldn’t I follow-up with an interview in order to more actively engage with the author? Jenny Hale kindly agreed to answer a few questions. Enjoy!


Thank you for agreeing to this interview. As a best-selling author of romantic women’s fiction, do you find it easier to write novels or does the success put more pressure on you?

J.H: Every single novel is its own adventure. Each time, it doesn’t get any easier for me, just different. I enjoy the ups and downs of all of them, though.

You’ve already written four Christmas novels, including the recently published All I Want for Christmas. Is there a reason for this recurring theme?

I usually like to write one winter and one summer novel, and what better time during the winter than Christmas?

You’ve opened up about needing to be outside (e.g in coffee shops) to find inspiration. Do you have a specific process to source ideas and put together a good plot? How do you go about creating a brand new world?

It usually occurs during collaboration with my editor. Once we’ve agreed on something, I just go with it and see what I get. As for the actual writing, I like to be around people and in new places—something to spark my creativity.

Were any of the characters and/or situations inspired by your friends and relatives?

No. I try not to base any characters on real people.

To the readers who haven’t read your books yet, which one of your novels would you recommend them to read first? And why?

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses – I had so much fun writing this book. I was at a very high point creatively and just adored the characters.

What storytelling tips would you give to aspiring writers wishing to write a good Christmas story?

Think about Christmas elements and then go deeper. Like in All I Want for Christmas, Nan put up a Christmas tree. But going deeper, she was so tidy and organized that she’d write notes to herself as to where the ornaments went so the next year she’d remember. The characters then played a game to try to guess the locations.

Christmas movies are always very popular at this time of year. Would you ever consider writing a script for a holiday TV movie?

No. I leave that to the professional screenwriters. 🙂

Can you tell us more about your next novel?

It’s set in the Outer Banks, barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina. The heroine has just moved there to open a bed and breakfast and she gets swept up in a romance with a famous local playboy. That is, until a secret threatens to tear them apart…



Jenny Hale is a US best-selling author of romantic women’s fiction. She has already published six books — A Barefoot Summer, Summer at Oyster Bay, Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses, Summer by the Sea, A Christmas to Remember, Coming Home for Christmas, All I Want for Christmas.

To learn more, visit her website:

Twitter @jhaleauthor




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