Kelle Z. Riley

The Cupcake Caper [Kelle Z. Riley]

Science is about solving puzzles. Why should solving a murder be any different?

Dr. Bree Watson (aka Gabriella Catherine Mayfield-Watson) is comfortable solving chemistry problems. She isn’t comfortable finding her boss dead and being a suspect in his poisoning. Now she’s juggling:

* A sexy marketing manager—who may, or may not—be a contract killer.
* A handsome lead detective whose interest goes beyond the case.
* The dead man’s cranky cat.
* A goose-chasing dog in hot water with an animal rights group.
* The search for the perfect cupcake recipe.
* And, of course, someone who wants her out of the picture.

And she thought getting a Ph.D. was hard.

My thoughts on the novel: Fancy a whodunnit with a girly twist? The Cupcake Caper is an entertaining novel where you’ll try and solve along with Bree a mysterious murder. The intrigue unfolds in a company specialised in chemical substances. So, you can count on the presence of poisonous substances and a vast array of potential culprits from the different corporate departments. Who would benefit the most from the crime? Who really has means, opportunity and motive? You will surely love to play along and try to piece everything together.

Can science and its logical, rational reasoning help Bree solve the case and catch the villain who is also trying to frame her for the crime? Who can Bree really trust around her? Will the good-looking detective O’Neil become a source of assistance and, icing on the cake, a real love interest?

If you want to channel your inner Nancy Drew and do some sleuthing, following a trail of clues to find out who the murderer really is, The Cupcake Caper will most certainly meet your expectations.

It is nicely written, fast-paced and intriguing. You’ll find yourself unwilling to put it down until the killer in uncovered.

This is the Book 1 of the Undercover Cat Series. It only makes sense that I am now looking forward to the sequels.

My Score:  ♥ ♥ ♥



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