Sarah Addington

The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane [Sarah Addington]

The Boy Who Lived In Pudding Lane – -Being a true account, if only you believe it, of the life and ways of Santa, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Claus- first appeared in the American magazine, Ladies Home Journal, for Christmas in 1921 and was published as a hardcover the following year. Author Sarah Addington’s charming story of the boyhood life of dear Santa Claus became an instant classic, and is lovingly reproduced in a facsimile edition for the first time here, including the original size, page format, and layout.

The story follows Santa as he grows up in Pudding Lane, eventually to become the famed gift-giver who flies around the world – and would spawn a line of books about the Lane and it cast of characters released by Addington and Kay throughout the 1920s.

My thoughts on the book: Fancy reading a Christmas story in May? At first, the lovely Christmassy cover really caught my eye. Then, I found out that it was a classic tale first published in 1922. I was quite keen on reading more.

Overall, it is a lovely Christmas story about Santa Claus’s childhood and how he became this much-loved high-profile red-cladded figure.

It is very interesting that the author introduced so many references to other classical tales or nursery rhymes (Old King Cole, Jack and Jill, Little Bo Beep, among many others).

Although I thought it was a nice story, I wasn’t really that moved by the book. I thought it lacked some magic. Maybe, if I try reading it once again during the Christmas season I’ll have a different perspective?!

My score: ♥ ♥ (= I liked it)


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