Lucien Young

Alice in Brexitland [Lucien Young]

Lying on a riverbank on a lazy summer’s afternoon – 23rd June 2016, to be precise – Alice spots a flustered-looking white rabbit called Dave calling for a referendum. Following him down a rabbit-hole, she emerges into a strange new land, where up is down, black is white, experts are fools and fools are experts…

She meets such characters as the Corbynpillar, who sits on a toadstool smoking his hookah and being no help to anyone; Humpty Trumpty, perched on a wall he wants the Mexicans to pay for; the Cheshire Twat, who likes to disappear leaving only his grin, a pint, and the smell of scotch eggs remaining; and the terrifying Queen of Heartlessness, who’ll take off your head if you dare question her plan for Brexit. Will Alice ever be able to find anyone who speaks sense?

My thoughts on the book: What an incredible tribute to the mad world created by Lewis Carroll! Just over 100 pages long, Alice in Brexitland is a deliciously witty and uproariously funny take on the notorious Brexit referendum.

The author really managed to capture Carroll’s signature style and transposed it in a Brexit modern context. The writing style is intricate and refined. It is unapologetically subjective and very much eye-opening on how politics and our society really work.

Obviously, you might find it more relevant if you aren’t particularly pro-Brexit, but you have to admit that the author created a really sobering gem that will give food for thought to anyone willing to get some much-needed perspective.

A satirical story filled with dark humour and sarcastic remarks. Highly recommended!

My score: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (=A must-read)


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