Kelle Z. Riley

Shaken, Not Purred [Kelle Z Riley]

Be careful what you wish for . . .

Bree Watson traded her lab coat for a trench coat, expecting the life of a spy to be fun. But when a body turns up on her undercover mission, she’s forced to handle:

  • A murdered woman with more enemies than meets the eye
  • A hunky handler posing as her fake boyfriend
  • A sexy detective bent on wooing her—and wooing her away from espionage
  • A drop-out drug dog with a nose for trouble
  • Her cranky cat, curious coworkers, a cupcake challenge she can’t resist, and too many secrets, lies and cover identities to keep straight…

In the whirlwind of investigations and undercover operations, Bree develops a serious identity crisis. Who is she, really?

A spy pretending to be a chemist? Or a chemist playing at being a spy?

My thoughts on the book: Back in February, I read and reviewed the first installment in the Cat Series called The Cupcake Caper. I had rather enjoyed it and declared I would very much delve in the second book. I did as soon as it became available but my enthusiasm isn’t as high as the first one.

First, it took me a little while to really get into the plot (about 20% in the book when the murder finally occurred), and then I sort of connected “intermittently” with the many twists. I also didn’t find the characters as endearing. I think I had some difficulty keeping in mind “who’s who” chapter after chapter. That is a major issue in a whodunnit novel. Anyway, I still enjoyed the lively, dynamic final scene when the culprit is finally revealed. I also thought the author did a good job in depicting the psychological evolution of Bree. She’s settling in this new “spy/chemist life” and she has not one, but two love interests, so the romance stream is well covered.

Maybe the third one’s a charm?


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