Keri F. Sweet

Love You Like Christmas [Keri F. Sweet]

36422819Sometimes getting lost leads you back to what matters most…

Maddie, a marketing executive in New York, is on her way to attend the December wedding of one of her best clients. She’s afraid of flying, and taking her late aunt’s classic Mustang on a road trip seems like fun—until the car breaks down and leaves her stranded in the small town of Christmas Valley.

The first time Kevin meets Maddie, he’s dealing with an accident that left a whole shipment of his Christmas trees scattered across the highway. He hasn’t thought about romance since his wife died: he’s been busy raising a little girl and running a struggling tree farm. But even in the middle of this setback, he’s immediately drawn to Maddie.

As Maddie waits in Christmas Valley for her car to get repaired, she begins to realize that friends and family are at the heart of the holidays—and she can’t deny her growing feelings for Kevin. But sooner or later, she’s going back to her big-city life, and Kevin’s future is uncertain. How can either of them take a chance on love?

🎄❄📚😍My thoughts on the novel🎄❄📚😍

Based on a Hallmark Christmas movie, Love You Like Christmas is a perfect seasonal read. Filled with magic and romance, it is a feel-good novel starring a casting of endearing characters. Maddie and Kevin are well written characters. They’re realistic, warm and touching. You’ll instantly feel drawn to them and identify with them. The chemistry between them is palpable. The whole plot will make you feel fuzzy inside.

Maddie isn’t too keen on celebrating Christmas. She’s a hotshot from New York and she’s more about marketing Christmas than actually celebrating it. But her impromptu roadtrip to Denver to attend her biggest client’s wedding might just be what she needs to reassess her priorities. Christmas trees, reindeers, snow storms and other mechanical failures all unite to thwart her perfectly planned schedule and lead her to a lovely town called Christmas Valley, an unexpected detour that might help her find more than just her Christmas spirit.

If you want to get into the holiday spirit, fix yourself a hot cocoa, put on some Christmas songs and pick up this book, a story about friendship, family and love all wrapped up in Christmas magic.

If you want to watch the trailer and a preview, visit this page:

My score: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ (=I loved it!)


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