Simon Berthon

A Secret Worth Killing For [Simon Berthon]

Somebody knows where the bodies are buried…

Newly-appointed Minister of State Anne-Marie Gallagher appears to have an unblemished record. Only she knows the truth. In the early 1990s, she was embroiled in the IRA’s violent past, and integral to a mission which went disastrously wrong.

So far, skeletons have remained in their closets. But, unknown to Anne-Marie, DCI Jon Carne has just received an anonymous tip-off. The co-ordinates lead Carne to a body – badly decomposed after twenty-five years underground.

When news of the discovery reaches Westminster, Anne-Marie knows that she is at risk of being exposed. And with Carne closing in, there’s not much time for the new minister to decide how far she’ll go to keep her past where it belongs…

Power comes at a price in this sharp, smart political thriller – perfect for fans of Charles Cumming and Mick Herron.

‘A stunning debut novel from a top TV producer, A Secret Worth Killing For takes us from the back streets of Belfast during the Troubles to power and parliament in London. It could not be more timely.’ – Gavin Esler

Previously published as Woman of State

📚🔫🔎My thoughts on the novel📚🔫🔎

Intrigued by the description, I requested this ARC on NetGalley. Even though the writing style is neat and flows well, it took me about a quarter of the book to feel somewhat comfortable with the different timelines and the great number of characters involved. I was also a bit put off by the lengthy descriptive parts.

I thought this plot was a good idea and very much timely, indeed. However, I never managed to get into it. I’d simply say that the complex political thriller made for an intricate plot that would probably render well in a film format. Knowing that it was written by a TV producer, it would make sense.



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