Candy Rodo

Mystery of the Library Cats [Candy Rodo]

Meet Baker and Taylor, two cat buddies (opposite in every way) who are about to leave the comfort of their cozy public library reading nook to embark on one epic literary road trip!

After spending most of their time reading in the library, Baker and Taylor are encouraged by their friend Flora to get out and see the world. Their first stop? New York City. There, Flora tells them, they’ll meet another pair of cat besties eager to share their library—the 42nd Street branch of the New York Public Library —with them.

This is the first title in a newly independent reader series that combines fun storylines featuring two bookish cats, with factoids throughout to create an immersive reading experience for bibliophiles, cat-lovers, and learners of regional history and culture alike.

My thoughts on the book

Just based on the title, cover and blurb, I was very excited about it, but after reading it, I’m a fan! Those two bookish cats going on an adventure in New York to find the library cats is just so fun and precious. If you aren’t too familiar with the public library of NY, then you won’t see the final twist coming either.
On top of a fun adventure, children (or readers in general) can also learn a lot historical facts about major landmarks in New York City.
I very much enjoyed this first book in the series and cannot wait to read the next ones!

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