Kelle Z. Riley

Shaken, Not Purred [Kelle Z Riley]

Be careful what you wish for . . . Bree Watson traded her lab coat for a trench coat, expecting the life of a spy to be fun. But when a body turns up on her undercover mission, she’s forced to handle: A murdered woman with more enemies than meets the eye A hunky handler… Lire la suite Shaken, Not Purred [Kelle Z Riley]

Kelle Z. Riley

The Cupcake Caper [Kelle Z. Riley]

Science is about solving puzzles. Why should solving a murder be any different? Dr. Bree Watson (aka Gabriella Catherine Mayfield-Watson) is comfortable solving chemistry problems. She isn’t comfortable finding her boss dead and being a suspect in his poisoning. Now she’s juggling: * A sexy marketing manager—who may, or may not—be a contract killer. *… Lire la suite The Cupcake Caper [Kelle Z. Riley]