Kolet Janssen

A Wish Come True [Kolet Janssen]

Mark has to spend a lot of time in the hospital because of a serious illness affecting his blood. The Make-A-Wish® fairies agree that this brave little boy deserves a treat. Mark wishes to catch bad guys! The fairies offer him an unforgettable day at the fire department and the police station. Mark and his parents have a blast!

A Wish Come True is a lovely children’s book aiming to raise awareness about the now famous Make-A-Wish® association whose goal is to grant wishes to sick children with life-threatening medical conditions. The little boy, Mark, doesn’t wish for just anything… he wishes to catch bad people. So, he embarks on an exciting adventure as a firefighter and a policeman, all that made possible by three fabulous fairies!

It’s a great book to teach children how precious life can be and that wishes should be about more than material stuff. Mark embodies the values of selflessness and dedication — instead of wanting something just for himself, he wishes for something that will benefit others.

A Wish Come True will be released on June 13th.