Bridget Geraghty

Molly Bell and the Wishing Well [Bridget Geraghty]

Molly Bell is an eleven-year old girl who used to be a whimsical, sporty type of a child with a zest for living. All that has been turned upside down by the untimely death of her cherished mother two years ago. To make matters worse, her father is getting remarried to a high-maintenance beauty that… Lire la suite Molly Bell and the Wishing Well [Bridget Geraghty]

Eric Bower

The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate [Eric Bower]

Our story begins, as many stories do, with a talking squirrel dream . . . The year is 1891, and Waldo “W.B.” Baron has just woken up to find his house flying—no, wait, floating?—floating a thousand feet above the ground. His inventor parents have transformed their house into a flying machine, which they’ve entered into… Lire la suite The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate [Eric Bower]

Vanita Oelschlager

The Pullman Porter [Vanita Oelschlager]

Children and adults under the age of 40 have forgotten about the Pullman Porter. This book will teach children and adults, who the porters were and why they were so important in our history. Porters worked in early train cars and because they traveled the country and learned much, many Pullman porters became leaders back… Lire la suite The Pullman Porter [Vanita Oelschlager]