Jules Wake

Notting Hill in the Snow [Jules Wake]

It's mayhem in Bethlehem…unless they can work together! Viola Smith plays the viola in an orchestra (yes really!), but this year she's been asked to stretch her musical talents to organising Notting Hill's local nativity. Nate Williams isn't looking forward to Christmas but as his small daughter, Grace, has the starring role in the show,… Lire la suite Notting Hill in the Snow [Jules Wake]

Rosie Curtis

We Met in December [Rosie Curtis]

What if you couldn’t get away from the one who got away? Unlucky in love Jess is following her dream and moving to London. It’s December, and she’s taking a room in a crumbling Notting Hill house‐share with four strangers. On her first night Jess meets Alex, the guy sharing her floor. They don’t kiss… Lire la suite We Met in December [Rosie Curtis]